Saturday, August 30, 2008

Racist AND illiterate -- a tragic combination.

And over at Small Dead Brainstems, "The Greek" tries desperately hard to be witty:

Wow, that's devilishly clever. Did you know that Barack Obama's middle name is "Hussien?" Because it isn't -- it's "Hussein." But that's OK because, even with the dumbfuck illiteracy, the racism still comes shining through. It's a Blogging Tory thing, you know.


Mike The Greek said...

Hey CC, thanks for being my "spell-check bitch". Correction made.

Keep up the good work!

deBeauxOs said...

It's not about the spelling mistakes, Mike the Greek, it's about your embarassing ignorance.

Whitehouse? What's that? The name of your fraternity's keg party hang-out?

Ti-Guy said...

Hey CC, thanks for being my "spell-check bitch".

KKKate's getting some really down-market guest bloggers these days.

Red Tory said...

You don’t honestly expect them to be embarrassed by their illiteracy, racism and dumbfuck ignorance, do you? As you well know, those things are virtual prerequisites in the dignified drawing rooms of the right blogosphere.