Saturday, August 30, 2008

When whingers get violent and dangerous.

For your humble scribe, it started yesterday:

There is nothing more than I would love than to punch you right in your big mouth.

You flaming gearbox, you deserve nothing less than a knuckle sandwich, you gutless fuck.

If you ever have th balls to give the world your adress where you spew this bullshit, I will come to your house and punch your teeth in.

Got it, you fucking faggot.

By Blogger Johnathon, at 10:14 AM

That was, of course, just the beginning:

Tom Robinson (fdsad) writes at Fri Aug 29 22:48:44 EDT 2008...

I wish someone would blow up the Liberal office, those fucking criminals.

Liberal are biggest theives, degenerates and scumbags in the world.

Fuck the Liberals, those dirty, fucking commies.

Cue Patrick Ross, frantically rationalizing how the above is not that big a deal because ... because ... well, because it isn't. So there.

P.S. Is it irresponsible to speculate whether this person is a Stephen Taylor-inspired Blogging Tory? It would be irresponsible not to, wouldn't you say?

P.P.S. Hey, here's a thought. Wouldn't it be just too funny to see if a single Blogging Tory even mentions the above vandalism, much less condemns its actual threat to life and limb? So feel free to check in on them occasionally, and drop me a note if any of them rouse themselves from their current panty-moistening Sarah Palin worship to spare a word or two about someone who's a manslaughter indictment just looking for a place to happen.

I don't expect to hear anything out of them but, hey, stranger things have happened. Well, maybe not.


thwap said...

They're so angry. What's up with that?

AnonymousCoward said...

When I read about this last night I was disgusted, but was on my way to bed and too tired to write a post.

I did that first thing this AM. You can read it here.