Thursday, August 21, 2008

You cannot make this up.

Over at Harper propagandist Sandy Crux's "Crux of the Matter" blog, we have (and I swear I am not making this up) the following down the lefthand side of the main page:

So Sandy's idea of Canadian "heroes" includes shrieking racist and neo-Nazi sympathizer Kate McMillan, the NAMBLA-powered, child rape-obsessed Richard Evans, the depressingly senile Papa Junker, and ... and ... herself.

That's right. Under intense pressure from her fans, no doubt, Sandy openly admits that she idolizes herself as a true Canadian hero.

Is it too early to start drinking heavily? Or shooting smack?


Ti-Guy said...

It's all your fault. You broke her brain...or that hamster wheel in her head that passes for one.

Red Tory said...

Quite the list of "heroes" there.

Gawd, what a dingbat.

liberal supporter said...

No, Sandy, that's not a list of heroes.

This is.

You are a horrible ignorant bitch, Sandy.

Mike said...

Pretty despicable to put that up on August 19th.

Of course, she probably doesn't know what happened on August 19th, a day of real heros.

Mike said...

And, in case she is wondering, I'm talking about these heros

James Bow said...

I believe that's a blogroll, the Canadian Heroes blogroll, of blogs who "support the troops".

CC said...

Which implies ... what, exactly? That those of us who are not members of that aggregator don't support the troops? Jesus, but that blog has to be one of the dumbest things I've seen in a while.

Curiously, Blogging Tory "Neo Conservative" -- he of the fake piety -- is nowhere to be found on that blogroll.

What a colossal waste of pixels.

liberal supporter said...

Then why doesn't it mention CC? CC supports the troops. And like most of us, he does not support the extreme far right views of the current government.

I think supporting our far right extremist government like each and every one of those mentioned on Sandy's list, is the criterion for inclusion there.

What a disgusting horrible person she is.

Lindsay Stewart said...

where the sweet fuck is the galloping beaver on that list. i suppose informed veterans, individuals whose deeds speak louder than the mere words from that the list of squalling ass sacs, just aren't properly supportive i suppose that folks like dave didn't lay their lives on the line with quite the right party slogans on their lips when under fire.

James Bow said...

It's just a blogroll, like the BANPC. You sign up to join it, not necessarily caring about who else is on it. Sandy didn't add those links to her website one by one; she added the entire blogroll, which is one step back away from total responsibility and endorsement.