Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sarah who?

At the moment, there is an absolute Sarah Palin love-in wankfest going on over at Stephen Taylor's Blogging Tories and White Supremacist Fetus Emporium. And then there's TBogg.

Smart person: 1. Stupid people: 0.

OH, SHIT. Oopsie. TPM has so much more.

HEH. Amusingly enough, while the Blogging Tories are absolutely creaming themselves over the choice of Sarah Palin, it falls to American wankers to shake their heads, roll their eyes, and ask "What the fucking fuck was that all about?"

Apparently, Canadian wankers are actually stupider than American wankers. That has to be cripplingly depressing on so many levels.

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Ti-Guy said...

Canadian wankers are actually stupider than American wankers.

I have to agree. Not only do our Conserva-wanks not understand American law, government and history very well, they don't understand the Canadian versions either.

Although, I have to say, while reading those comments at Kos from the wanks at The National Review, there is a much higher degree of tolerance for royal half-wits in the US than there is here.