Friday, August 29, 2008

Dear Blogging Tories: Your opinions, if you would.

Dear BTs:

If I could tear you away from your scientific illiteracy, white supremacy, young earth creationism, Ezra Levant worship and general ignorant, dumbfuck buffoonery for just a moment, I'm curious as to how you see this latest development:

"My expectation is that we will have another minority," Harper said Wednesday in Tuktoyaktuk, N.W.T., where he's on a three-day, campaign-like swing through the Arctic.

So, having made it clear that he's perfectly willing to break his "fixed election dates" promise, we now have Il Douche openly admitting that, if an election happens, he expects little to change in terms of who's running the country.

Think about that for a moment.

Given a government (and its adoring groupies) who have railed on and on about fiscal responsibility, and protecting taxpayer money, and cutting inefficient programs, I'm curious as to how you defend spending hundreds of millions of dollars on an election that, according to Stephen the Corpulent himself, will change absolutely nothing in the political structure of the country.

Really, I'd like to hear this. Having yapped on and on and, holy fuck, Jesus, Mary, Mother of God, tediously on about cutting waste, I would dearly love to see how cavalierly you assfuck all of those principles by barking like retarded seals for an admittedly meaningless election at this point.

Seriously, give it a shot. We all need the entertainment value. And you can't possibly make Stephen Taylor look any stupider by now.

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