Sunday, August 31, 2008

The joy of high technology.

Sparing absolutely no expense in providing you with the latest in wankerific techniliciousness, Blogging Tories co-founder Stephen Taylor now gives you Twitter, and tweets, and ICQ, and MSN, and Blackberries, so you can now rest easy that the latest Blogging Tory dead nigger news is never more than a button click away.

Roaming charges may still apply.


Ti-Guy said...

But, but, but...the homicide rates in Edmonton and Calgary are higher than in Toronto, and crime rates are worse in rural areas. And it's worse because whites are being killed too!

Neo...why do you hate us white people?

You know, it would take just one mainstream media story on that cesspit called the Blogging Tories to see how fast the free speech warriors there would start scrubbing posts and tossing out the worst offenders.

Sheena said...

govtwats.... [shurely... eds.]