Thursday, August 21, 2008

And that whole medicine thing could be tightened up a bit, too.

Responsible fiscal stewardship, that's what Kory's all about:

"When we find examples of programs that are clearly not meeting their objectives, without apologies we will cancel them. That is the entire purpose of Strategic Review. We owe that to taxpayers," Mr. Teneycke added, calling PromArt "a boondoggle."

Apparently, that whole "meat inspection" thing wasn't working out, either:

Planned cuts to food scrutiny questioned

Ottawa's proposal to give industry greater responsibility for meat inspection will make future recalls more likely, professor says

On the other hand, I have a bridge for sale ...

AFTERSNARK: One wonders what Stephen Harper propagandist and personal fellatrix Sandy Crux thinks of this fascinating approach regarding fiscal efficiency and budget cuts. After all, it's Sandy who is constantly whinging on about Dalton McGuinty's lack of funding related to autistic children.

Well, life's tough, Sandy, but apparently that whole autism funding thing just wasn't working out. Lack of efficiency, I'm sure you understand.

I'll bet she doesn't understand.


Southern Quebec said...

I think getting rid of the water inspectors worked out well for Mike Harris, so why wouldn't getting rid of the meat inspectors work for YoHarper? While we're at it, we could probably privatize a few other thingys.

...and Sandy, spending money on autistic children...not cost effective in DearLeaders world.

Red Tory said...

"fellatrix" LOL. Zing!