Friday, July 18, 2008

When stupid small dead animals blog: redux.

Yes, I just blogged on this but it's so precious, it deserves an encore. First, there's the shrieking dumbfuckitude from the backwoods of Saskatchewan:

And there's the metaphorical boot to the nads:

It's not always because they're dishonest. Sometimes, they're just stupid. But it's always one or the other.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh, this is delicious. I just happened to have a browser tab up from over an hour ago viewing that swill of Kate's and, lo and behold, the original version of that post is not quite the same as what's up there now. Here's the original:

And you can see the later version up there. Notice the difference? Why, yes ... yes, you do. The quietly-revised version now has an asterisk next to its lede of "50,000 new Deniers;", with the footnote reading:

*Note: Using the same inclusiveness as the IPCC bureaucrats when citing the number of authors they represent who allegedly support their AGW "consensus".

In other words, Kate now clearly realizes she's full of shit, but she tries to weasel her way out of a correction or retraction for using a dishonest way of counting by suggesting that other people did it first. In short, she knows she's made an ass of herself, but she'll be damned if she's going to admit it.

Atta girl, Kate: Never apologize. Never correct. Never retract. Even when you're caught being a lying douchebag, just suck it up and soldier on. It's the Conservative thing to do.


liberal supporter said...

Dear Ms. McMillan:

Your contract states you must confuse the issue and create doubt for at least 24 hours before being refuted and mocked. Your latest blog entry was shot down in flames in less than seven hours.

Therefore we must refuse reimbursement for this blog entry. However, I am sure you will manage to achieve acceptable service levels in the future. We await with interest your future efforts.


The Heartland Institute

Ti-Guy said...

It's illustrative to go back and read Kate McMillan's first blog posts. She mostly comes off as a lonely woman who wanted to talk about what's on her mind.

Contrast that with the debased and manipulated harpy we see now, and it really is quite tragic.

sarge said...

no, kate's always been a bit of a qoute Randal P McMurphy.

at 1st she just co9llected snarky flames from other people's blogs or curried favor with men who rode motorbikes...but eventually being the darling of american nazis was found to be fun actually pays!