Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Apparently, dead Jews just aren't funny enough anymore.

Regarding the aforementioned killing of allegedly "liberal" churchgoers by a crazed, right-wing gunman in Tennessee, Canada's Cuntiest Blogger™ Kate McMillan knows exactly where to lay the responsibility:

Quite so, Kate. And I'm sure that, if a deranged leftist were to open fire and slaughter some innocent conservatives, you'd be there, asking the right-wing survivors to search deep within themselves to figure out why they were to blame. Because, clearly, it would have been their fault. Um ... that was your point, wasn't it?

Stephen Taylor's Blogging Tories of Canada: Because what's the point of murdering some Unitarians if you can't score a few political points off of it?


Ti-Guy said...

What a liar. It's no mystery to me why wingnuts hate, although the sociopathy is complex: ignorance, arrested development, mental health issues (such as depression and a history of abuse), addiction, xenophobia hardened into bigotry and racism all supported by an intellectual/media elite which panders to this primitivism.

I hesitate to add the absence of these haters of the experience of ever spewing their garbage in public lest they end up picking up their teeth with broken hands, because I really have no direct experience of that, since I don't hang around over-churched prairie redoubts and bring up complex issues with simple folk nor hang around trashy booze-cans long after one of them gets liquored up and goes on a tear.

LuLu said...

Ahhhh ... a little classic "blaming the victim" mentality on KKKate's part.

I'm sure she also thinks women who are raped shouldn't dress like such dirrrttyy whores in the first place.

liberal supporter said...

Why do they hate us? This question does not ache in anyone's heart, as if we don't know why.

They hate us for our freedoms.


deBeauxOs said...

Eventually the other shoe will drop ... yah, I'm thinking how those religious fundamentalist right-wing nutjobs will spin the story, with regard to the fact that that NOBODY in the Unitarian congregation was packing heat.

"Those damned traitorous tree-hugging, gay-loving, war-hating libruls. They're just asking for it."

The refusal to bear arms in church and possibly anywhere else is a provocation, an invitation to violence, right?