Thursday, July 24, 2008

And this is why we mock them.

Blogging Tory "Hunter" summarizes her political acumen for all those who might have questions.

Holy, the lefties will try anything to make President Bush look bad. Personally, I like him. He handled 9/11 better than Clinton would have.

We’re done here.

P.S. Stephen Taylor must be sooooooo proud.


CC said...

So ... they're now defending the Boy King by comparing his performance against hypotheticals?

Wow ... that's seriously retarded, even for a Blogging Tory. I mean, that's Patsy Ross-level stupid.

The Seer said...

Well, it's not that far a reach. Compare, for example, Clinton's sorry performance responding to all those hurricanes in Florida, when Clinton was president, to Dear Leader's response to Katrina.

'But of course, Clinton deprived himself of the ability to respond to a major terrorist attack by catching the guy who wantged to blow up LAX before he could.

Dizzlski said...

Murka #1. And if ye don live heer, fuck y'all. If ye wernt born here, fuck y'all. If yer granpappies were from some furin lan, fuck y'all. Wilcome to Murka, Bush 2.0.