Friday, July 25, 2008

Down the memory hole, eh, Sandy?

And, lo, we have Blogging Tory "Alberta Ardvark [sic]" who fellates Stephen Harper thusly:

Congratulations to PM Harper and his Government for being in office 900 days.

For a list of what this government has accomplished please follow this LINK.

whereupon we follow said link, which refers us to the full, blinding wondrousness of Dear Leader Stephen Harper here where, curiously, we read:

Other concrete accomplishments include:

* Acquisition of an icebreaker — $720 million; (Link)
* Construction of eight Arctic offshore patrol ships; and
* Arctic deep water port — to be constructed.

which is, as I have opined, curious since it was only a month ago that hack propagandist Sandy Crux finally admitted:

a qualifier which is strangely missing from the current list of fictional achievements.

Apparently, corrections and retractions have a shelf life. I never knew that.

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