Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Shorter Damian Penny: "The thought of someone physically hunting and killing "liberals" is appalling and, as Blogging Tories who worship a "culture of life," it's up to us BTs to stand up and denounce this horror unconditionally. Who's with me? Anyone? Anyone? Hello? *Tap* *Tap*. Is this thing on?"

Shorter Twatrick: "Sorry, no time to grieve for murdered liberals -- too busy writing about the danger to society of anonymous bloggers."

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Ti-Guy said...

Your "shorter" was far too kind. I didn't see any exhortation in Damian Penny's post to BT's to condemn this event. His original commentary read far more like a rationalisation and an attempt to establish moral equivalence; notice how he just had to mention Huffington Post's need to shut off comments when some rightist dies (See? They didz it two!!1!)

If this is the best we can expect, then no wonder people are turning to human rights tribunals and hate speech laws to focus public opinion and attempt some collective condemnation of the sickening rhetoric the conservative elite itself engages in and the rank-and-file accepts uncritically.