Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm calling it.

At exactly 4:57 pm EST on July 26th, 2008, Susie ALL-CAPS became a parody of herself.

We're done here.


CC said...

Against my better judgment, I left a comment asking a simple question. And now, we wait ...

Sheena said...

Wait? for what? To be called dusty?

Dr.Dawg said...

sheena, that conjures up an image I didn't need. Thank you very much.

KCCWrangler said...

I don't know if this has already been covered in these discussions, but if the only thing said to the people being called was that one question, (I mean the "abortionist Henry Morgentaler" part)then there's a real problem with that.

There may actually be some people who do not know who he is, or that he's a medical doctor, or anything else about his campaign to provide safe abortions to women who need them and the hard-fought legal battles to get us to the point where women no longer are forced to resort in desperation to coat-hangers or chugging down a 26er of Smirnoffs.

I believe that the people who designed that survey would fail the university statistics courses I took if they tried to pass it off as impartial or scientific.

On a personal note I may sometimes engage in a survey with a real live human being, but will push any button especially NO when receiving calls from those annoying automatons without even listening to the question. Just to monkeywrench their idiotic phonespam.

liberal supporter said...

To: Allan Bruinooge
From: Bell Canada
Subject: Misuse of telephone equipment.

Telephone switching equipment is very robust and designed to handle many forms of abuse though it is not intended to withstand repeated deliberate abuse. It is a little know technical fact that during the time between a call being place and the called party answering, sending more touch tones while the line is ringing can cause an overload on the circuits. Normally the system recovers from this condition after a few minutes, typically during the call if it is answered.

It has come to our attention that you have been placing many calls, and then sending the "2" tone while the line is still ringing. Our records show this happened over 5000 times in a short span of time. Not only does this cause overloads, our billing equipment does not charge for these calls since they were never actually completed. Since the call setup is the most resource intensive part of a call, you are overusing the Service without appropriately compensating us.

Kindly refrain from misusing your telephone service in this way in the future. Should this behaviour continue, we will require a payment of $2000 for compensatory damages.


Bell Canada

Frank Frink said...

And became even more of a self-parody at 7:39pm ET.

Zorph is correct - well you have all been spot on - a push poll is not a scientific poll. No weighting for any demographic except their assumptions that 'respondants' have been from all across the country.

SUZY-ALLCAPS can't do anything but avoid answering the questions. Yep, we're done here.

Renee said...

Fucking brilliant.

JJ said...

"a push poll is not a scientific poll"

Correct. Push polls aren't used to gather real statistics, they're used to gather purposely-skewed ("pushed") statistics.

A great example of a push poll was Chuck McVety's poll that he said proved that a huge majority of Canadians were in favour of Bill C-10 (the "Let the fundies censor our movies" bill).

The question that was asked in the poll was "Do you think the government should fund child porn?" Hello!!!??

God, these people are sleazy.

Dr.Dawg said...

May I demur on one minor point? Technically, this is not a push poll. It's just a highly-flawed poll skewed to obtain a result.

A push-poll, on the other hand, isn't really a poll at all: in the guise of one, the purpose is to make a wide number of people aware of an issue and of a favoured perspective on it.

The poll in this case isn't designed to do that, but to obtain a result. For a real push-poll, the results are secondary.

Dr.Dawg said...

I should have said, "the poll results are secondary. Changing voter behaviour is primary."

JJ said...

Ah, thanks for the correction, DD. A push poll is really just the "McCain's illegitimate baby"-type poll, not a poll with questions biased to elicit response from those of a certain ideological bent.