Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The reward for being right.

You're all busy people so let me summarize this. There's this:

CC said...


Against my better judgment, I'm actually going to try to engage you on the content of this post, and we'll see whether you're capable of reasoned discourse

Which eventually begat this:

hunter said...

Okay, CC, it's a hoax. You win. I post an email, that I took on faith, and you proved it was a fake. Mea Culpa.

To which hideous and homophobic douchebag MaryT responded curiously:

maryT said...

Hunter, congratulations for keeping your kool, and to your regular readers for keeping theirs. I don't think many of us would object if you banned the CC crowd. Must be a slow day for them.

At which point, Hunter was all over that idea like Richard Evans on the "Gap for Kids" autumn catalog:

hunter said...

Thanks MaryT, going to have to do some spring cleaning and get all the rodents out of my house.

If by "rodents," you mean "people who had to work unnecessarily hard to bitch slap some sense into me and explain to me the errors of my ways." I'm guessing Hunter went with "rodents" because it's punchier.


Balbulican said...

Hunter, of course, is the icon of Konservative Kompassion who suggested at Raphael's that the two children killed by Canadian troops in Iraq died because "...Afghans know that they will get compensated for any deaths. Will they not take their chances? Might they not intentionally drive too close? Remember, life is cheap in Afghanistan."

That's pretty close to psychotic, if you ask me.

CC said...

That's not psychotic, it's simply racist. As in, "Brown people can't possibly love their children like we white people do."

Never attribute to psychosis what you can always ascribe to simple ignorant bigotry.

CC said...

By the way, Balby, let me suggest the appelation of "Kanadian Konservative Kompassion." Think about it -- it'll come to you.

liberal supporter said...

They are not to be engaged, only mocked.


M@ said...

You argued with Hunter, and you were right?

How uncivil.

Anonymous said...

Hey... Ummm, I was the first banned there right? (Well, I doubt it... idiots like that are found left AND right. So closed minded, incapable of engaging in rational thought.)

Hunter is a racist idiot, and a tool.

liberal supporter said...

Ummm, I was the first banned there right
What would be the point of being an Alpha male if you don't get banned first?