Wednesday, July 30, 2008

While I'm here, SUZANNE ...

Yes, I realize it's flogging a thoroughly deceased equine but, really, fetus fetishist SUZANNE is truly the gift that keeps on giving. In today's hilarity, Suzie All-Caps links to the relentless pissing and moaning over at LifeShit News, who complain about, among other things:

On July 3 online polls across the country showed the vast majority of Canadians opposed the award. A Newstalk 650 showed 85% opposed, a Calgary Herald showed 77.95% against, a VOCM's poll showed 80% against, a Winnipeg Sun's poll showed 76% against. Even a CNews poll with the stark choice of "Yes, he's a champion of women's rights," or "No, he's a murderer," found more agreeing with Morgentaler being dubbed a 'murderer'. The largest of such opt-in polls were the CTV poll, with more that 16,000 respondents, and the Globe and Mail poll, with over 20,000 respondents. The CTV poll showed 61% opposed and 39% in favour.

Hmmmmm ... "online polls across the country"?? I'm thinking that maybe -- just maybe -- a reason that the MSM isn't taking any of the above seriously is that they're aware of how easily such online polls can be ... manipulated? Distorted? Damn, what's the word I'm looking for? Oh, right ... "freeped":

Pierre Trudeau: Worst Canadian

Perhaps some of you remember the contest held by The Beaver Magazine for the Worst Canadian.

Well, all that freeping paid off.

So, to recap, fetus fetishist SUZANNE, who was instrumental in freeping the shit out of an online poll last year to the extent that its results were worthless, and then proceeded to publicly brag about said freeping on her blog, is now linking to a whiny article bitching about how the MSM (for some inexplicable reason) doesn't take online polls seriously anymore.

As the saying goes, you really can't make this stuff up, can you?


M@ said...

Can someone explain to me how "internet polls" can be "across the country"?

Or does "across the country" just make bullshit sound somehow more authoritative? Yeah, maybe that's it.

Dr.Dawg said...

At some point the straws will run out, and drowning will commence. Be patient.

Chimera said...

Ya gotta love how SHE throws her fellow traveller under a bus, too, for being better at teh strident than SHE is.

Does nothing ever satisfy HER?