Wednesday, July 23, 2008

No cure for stupid.

Shorter Twatrick: "Even after being ridiculed mercilessly, I am still too fucking retarded to figure out how to spell PZ's last name."

P.S. By the way, Twatsy, it's not Michael Onfray, it's Michel Onfray. Honestly, when it comes to Twatsy, I've never run across such a monumental intellectual fraud. It's just jaw-dropping, isn't it?


Zorpheous said...

Well you see CC, the raltional, logical and open minded person should have no problem with "Well if science can't provide the answer at this point in time, the answer is obviouly God did it!"

Look I'll demonstrate this logic for you so you can easily understand how it works.

Logical Observer - Why is Patrick so stupid Mr. Science?

Mr. Science - I have no idea or logical explain as to why he is stupid,... Science can't answer that question,...

Logical Observer - Oh,... So maybe God made him that stupid for some reason?

Mr. Science - Works for me,..

See, God made Patty Boy this stupid

Unknown said...

Patrick made a long delusional post which strengthens what Dawkins said in the video. Wow.

admin said...

Its not worth the time reading it, let alone taking issue with anything he might have to say.

The fact that he can't even be bothered to spell people's names correctly is indicative of his monumental laziness and stupifying arrogance.