Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dear SUZANNE: Holy crap, but you're stupid.

Fetus fetishist and MASSIVE POLL fan SUZANNE continues to be utterly deranged:

Canadian Media News Blackout on Massive Poll Showing Majority Oppose Morgentaler Award

Read the Lifesite Article Here

Too tired to write much right now.

You just don't get it, do you, Suzie? We here in Realityville would love it if the MSM got onto that MASSIVE POLL. I personally would be so satisfied if the MSM dug into this that I'd probably need a cigarette afterwards.

Seriously, SUZANNE, you should be thanking God that the MSM is utterly uninterested in this story because, if they decided to get curious, the results would be absolutely embarrassing for KLR Vu and everyone involved.

But feel free to continue bitching about it, SUZANNE. Maybe, with enough whining on the part of you and LifeShit News, someone will get interested. And that's when the fun will truly begin.

BY THE WAY, Suzie, if you plan on blaming all this lack of interest on liberal media bias, you might want to explain why even the hard-right National Post has ignored this idiocy all this time. Go on, Suzie -- accuse the Post of anti-conservative prejudice. That would pretty much make my day.

BONUS AFTERSNARK: And while we're on the subject, Suzie, would your suggestions of anti-conservative bias extend to the entire community of Canada's Blogging Tories? Because, the last time I looked, a number of them are frothingly anti-choice, but not a single one of them has seen fit to pimp that MASSIVE POLL. Hell, even the deranged Dr. Roy hasn't mentioned it, and that should tell you something.

Well, it would if you were the slightest bit interested in listening.


deBeauxOs said...

Yes indeed, one could say that it is a MASSIVE mystery why the National Post has not published the CLC media releases in all their original ....err, 'integrity' - and I use that term loosely.

JJ said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! That's right, no BTs and hardly even any socon bloggers have blogged about this exciting new development!

I remember when the Massive Poll was released (was it only a week ago?) -- every socon blogger (and quite a few BTs) had a post up with the same title "Massive Poll ... blah blah blah" -- pretty quiet now, aren't they?