Sunday, July 27, 2008

There's stupid and then there's the Blogging Tories.

Today’s edition courtesy of "Hunter" who proves with each new post that just when you think she’s reached rock bottom in terms of stupidity, she’s got a shovel hidden somewhere.

In other news, water is still wet, the sky is still blue, the average Blogging Tory is as dumb as a fucking stump and "Hunter’s" shrieky anti-Obama post has been thoroughly debunked. Not that it matters to our Elmer-Fudd-loving gal ... after all, everyone who's anyone knows that reality has a distinctly liberal bias.

Stephen Taylor must be so proud. No, really.

CC ADDS: For better or worse, I have made a sincere attempt to engage Hunter on this topic. The Blogging Tories are constantly whining about how we on the Left engage in nothing but insults and demeaning putdowns.

Well, fine ... then let's see if people like Hunter are truly capable of an intelligent conversation that involves examining the actual facts. Personally, given her contributions to her own comments section thus far, I'm not optimistic, but I'm willing to cut her some slack. Let's see what she does with it.

Your move, Hunter.

LuLu again. While I applaud CC's attempt to engage "Hunter" in a civil, logical manner (something the average Blogging Tory is clueless about), I'll be shocked, just shocked, if she actually shows CC the same respect. After all, this is the same screaming retard who had the following to say when I had the unmitigated gall to comment on one of her excessively shrieky "Won't someone think of teh fetuses!!!!!1!1!11!!!1!" threads.


KEvron said...

from the craptain's letter:

"I wanted you all to know what kind of caliber of person he really is.



Southern Quebec said...

I think Hunter is SUZANNE's twin (they must share a brain) because they both have the same type of logic. ie If it is written, it must be true!!!! Lalalalalalala

CC said...

Jesus Freakin' Christ ... the overwhelming stupid in the comments there is unbelievable. The very first commenter points out how the e-mail has been retracted by its original author, and even provides a link for verification, and it makes no difference whatsoever.

I didn't think it was possible for anyone to be stupider than SUZANNE. Learn something every day, I guess.

CC said...

By the way, the level of dumbfuckitude in Hunter's post can be seen first by reading Hunter's insistence that this was a direct, firsthand observation (all subsequent emphasis added):

"This struck me because it is a first hand, behind the scenes, account of what we don't see from the media. Honesty."

Further down in the comments, Hunter continues to hammer the claim of direct observation:

"He's not entitled to his own facts? He was there, he is entitled to state what he saw and thought."

And yet, when one examines the retraction, one reads:

"I am writing this to ask that you delete my email and not forward it. After checking my sources, information that was put out in my email was wrong."

Excuse me? "After checking my sources?" What allegedly direct observer would fall back on blaming his "sources?" It seems fairly clear that the author did not see what happened, and relied on secondhand sources for his letter. None of which, naturally, makes a difference to the retarded Hunter, who is too stupid to make the connection.

Stephen Taylor's Blogging Tories: Because even monstrously stupid people need a social club, too.

LuLu said...

Oh my ... her granny panties are in quite the bunch over my link to her, which she falsely attributes to you, CC. She can't get anything right, can she?

Ti-Guy said...

What's so damn galling about Hunter is that she believes that her ignorance and her lack of critical thinking is objectively superior because it supports the nobility of personal sacrifice (though, only that of other people) in the service of protecting our cherished values (one of which isn't, apparently, a commitment to truth).

In other words, she doesn't have to lift a finger or engage a brain cell to proclaim her virtue and disdains and defames everyone else for having the unmitigated nerve to uncover truth and expose lies.

Her conceit is revolting and it pains me to wonder just what kind of forces in this society are producing people like this.

liberal supporter said...

They are not to be engaged, only mocked.


Red Tory said...

Whoa, that was brutal.

Delving into the comments over there is spelunking into a whole new world of dumb.