Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Oh please, oh please, oh please ….

Let this be true — the potential for hilarity would be off the charts (emphasis gleefully added).

John McCain will huddle with vice presidential aspirant Bobby Jindal during a trip to New Orleans later this week, sources close to the campaign confirm to The Fix.

McCain's trip to Louisiana on Wednesday was the cause of much head scratching in the political world as it was not in keeping with a week of planned stops in battleground states.

But, the meeting with Jindal, who has been the state's governor since 2007, suggests that McCain himself is deeply engaged in the process of picking his second-in-command and that the youthful Jindal is under serious consideration.

That would be this Bobby Jindal ... Governor of Louisiana, purported exorcist and dr. roy fave.

Maybe it’s just me but I think a VP with the ability to drive out Satan and all his eeeeevvviiiilllll minions would be outstanding.

H/T to Red.


The Seer said...

This is a positive development.

Bobby Jindal may only be an Indian in Canada, but in the US he is COLORED! (Okay, we don't actually DAY that anymore, but we still think it.)

If McCain picks a colored man for VP the issue of OBAMA'S race is completely off the table. The Gop cannot run coded anti-black advertising if their own VP candidate is the same currency.

This is good. Stupid, maybe, but good.

Mike said...

Jindal is *not* being seriously considered. The Repubs are just trying to give that impression to make themselves look "inclusive."

Romantic Heretic said...


Demons don't go in for that silly possession stuff.

They prefer sneaky, whispering in your ear. "That's a good idea. You're such a perfect person. You're wise, kind and brave."

Souls are not taken. They're given away. *evil laugh*

And business is always booming.

KCCWrangler said...

All joking aside, this much is true: the White House IS going to need an exorcist after its current occupant vacates the premises.