Friday, July 25, 2008

KLR Vu douchebagitude: Let the frantic backpedaling begin.

There's the setup:

This gets better and better ... At the bottom of KLRVU's sadly misspelled "Why Particpate?" page is a link stating that KLRVU is a member of MRIA Canada, the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association.

Except - ooopsie - if you search MRIA's corporate membership directory for KLRVU, "No Match" is found. How odd.

Then there's the desperate moving of goalposts (emphasis added):

Principal owner is a individual member of MRIA Assocation of Canada .

Could this possibly be more entertaining?



JJ said...

Damn! You beat me to it! I just posted about this, you are hours ahead of me.

Zorpheous said...

it's ok JJ more then enough of Teh Stupid to go around.