Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Apparently, we've got some spare time on our hands.

"John, how ya doing?"
"Fred, long time, no see, what are you here for?"
"Well, John, being a pro-life, family values, God-fearing kind of Christian, I've come all this way to tell people how much I hate abortion."
"Hey, me too, Fred. I really hate it."
"Well, I'll bet you don't hate it as much as I do. Because I really, really hate it."
"Oh, I don't know, Fred, I don't think anyone hates it as much as me."

Awkward pause.

"So, uh, what do you wanna do now?"
"I don't know, man ... you wanna hire a couple hookers to knock our junk around?"
"Sure, works for me."

Fade to black ....

THE UNINTENTIONAL STUPID: It's going to be quite the pro-life party:

Among the many notable speakers at this major conference will be Father Gerard Wilberforce, the great, great grandson of slavery abolitionist William Wilberforce...

Hughes says, "Wilberforcee is one of a growing list of descendants of very prominent anti-slavers such as the current descendent of Dread Scott, upon whom was built the terrible Dread Scott case in the United States which said that black humans were only three fourths human, and also Dr. Alveda King, the niece of the late Martin Luther King Jr., who is also in the forefront of the pro-life movement. It is growing trend."

Yeah, when Wilberforcee starts talking about "Dread Scott," I'm betting there won't be a dry eye in the house. Or a historically literate one.


LuLu said...

What could these mouthbreathers possibly have to talk about for 3 whole days?

I am soooooooo tempted to go - wouldn't it be delicious?

Dr.Dawg said...

I'm a Dread Scott fan, myself.

Ti-Guy said...

I think an Auschwitz survivor beats a fifth generation descendant of an abolitionist.

deBeauxOs said...

So, "Wilberforce would have fought abortion says religious relative".

I'm confident that Fr Gerard Wilberforce has piles of archival documents that supports this declaration, right? Otherwise he'd be talking out his ass, just like the family members of deceased Order of Canada recipients who are returning the award, no?

I wonder how he feels about speaking to an audience where most believe - based on my observation and reading of their blogs and comments - that the descendants of Christian Europeans are an endangered species, threatened by black, brown and beige-skinned hordes?

JJ said...

"What could these mouthbreathers possibly have to talk about for 3 whole days?"

Read their blogs, that should give you a good idea:

"fetusfetusfetusfetusfetus *swoon* fetusfetusfetusfetusfetusfetusfetus... *gasp* oh, my... fetusfetusfetusfetus pro-aborts! fetusfetusfetusfetus homosex! fetusfetusfetusfetus...shrieeeeeek!"

deBeauxOs said...

LuLu - once the initial sensory overload of experiencing first-hand the MASSIVE fuckwitted, vacuous, strident, collective zealot stupidity wore off and we picked ourselves off the ground from an irresistible fit of giggles, it would be vomitrocious, I'd bet.