Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Um ... what?

How cool ... I am being chastised for a lack of civility by someone who thinks beating mentally handicapped inmates to death is a real hoot, and that people being killed by Taser is not a big deal. Yes, Neo ... you are just the person to be upbraiding me on this topic. Really.

Canada's Blogging Tories: Because cracking wise about killing people is only tasteless when other people do it.


M@ said...

I've just got to stop clicking on links to Neo. Not only is the guy a horrible, horrible writer, he actually seems to think that the bold-and-italics routine is effective, or worth the effort, or something. Never mind that he makes a practice of arguing exclusively with red herrings in his comments.

And he apparently has no idea what a metaphor is. Quite the little intellectual, isn't he? I hope the tire iron of understanding descends on his cranium some day.

thwap said...

What a waste of time and bandwidth that idiot is.