Friday, July 25, 2008

Oh my.

The fun swirling around the fetus fetishists wildly humped "Massive New Poll" just gets more delicious with time.

Go. Read. JJ's done outstanding work exposing this piece of heinous fuckery.

: I am immensely amused that Blogging Tory and clinically deluded SUZANNE writes this:

JJ and the gang at unrepentant Old Hippie are clapping their hands in glee over the discovery that KLRVU Research-- the company that sponsored the latest Morgentaler poll-- is owned by the brother of pro-life MP Rod Bruinooge.

They're SURE that somehow, the fact it's owned by the brother of a pro-life MP automatically CHANGES the results.

This is from a member of the BTs, whose members went absolutely batshit fucking crazy earlier this week regarding Gloria Galloway and Mark Dunn, and how the fact that they're married was clear, obvious and unimpeachable evidence for anti-conservative media bias.

Yes, SUZANNE ... you and the rest of your hypocritical fuckwit BT colleagues are just the folks to be lecturing us on the irrelevance of ideological disclaimers.

Lord, but if that woman were any more retarded, she'd be Patsy Ross.

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CC said...

What's all this about humping and a massive new pole, and why wasn't I invited?

Oh, wait ... never mind. Carry on.