Friday, July 25, 2008

The KLR Vu Morgentaler poll: What was the point of it?

Overlooked in the current, savage disemboweling of the wretchedly dishonest KLR Vu poll is a fairly simple question -- why was it even done in the first place? Let's refresh our memories regarding the poll question:

Do you believe abortionist Henry Morgentaler deserves the Order of Canada?

And, sure, it might be amusing to know the answer to that but what was the point of running a poll to ask people their opinion about something that has already occurred and for which their opinion would have no value whatsoever?

As I've already pointed out, the OoC award to Dr. Morgentaler has happened. It's done. It's over. It's a fait accompli. And all the right-wing whining in the world isn't going to change that so I ask once again -- what was the point of the poll?

Typically, people commission polls because they want to use the results to affect something, perhaps to change peoples' opinions or something. More to the point, polls cost money, so who exactly decided to commission a poll and pay KLR Vu to do it, knowing full well that the results -- no matter what they were -- would mean absolutely nothing?

Deluded dingbats like SUZANNE want to argue that the KLR Vu poll was somehow legitimate. Fine, says I, believe what you want. For the sake of argument, say it was legitimate. And I ask again -- who gives a shit? It means nothing, it affects nothing, it changes nothing. And someone, somewhere, must have paid for it.

How fucking stupid was that?


Chimera said...

"...someone, somewhere, must have paid for it."

Another excellent point on top of all the other excellent points that have been made to date. I was wondering about who was footing the bill for this poll, myself. And won't it be fun finding out? Something this "massive" has to be generating a lot of cash for Revenue Canada (or whatever they call themselves these days) to skim their share, right?

Anyone know how to get them interested in this?

The Seer said...

Believe it or not there are some people up there who think that the United States is the Librul Democracy and that the whole point of being Canadian is being a Tory, a Christ, King & Country Tory, or at least a Conservative who has washed his soul spotlessly clean of the ultimate evil and temptation of progress. To these people, this poll represents validation and your truth is wrong and their truth is righteous. You might as well fulminate against the Word of God (The Bible) as try to tell them there is something wrong with their poll. These people are the original, genuine and true Canadians and everyone who disagrees with them is a wannabe American. Deal with it.