Friday, June 20, 2008

Oh. Dear.

And isn't this just all too timely?

Lawyer: Khadr report altered

GUANTANAMO, Cuba–A U.S. military commander altered a report on a firefight in Afghanistan to cast blame for the death of a Delta Force commando on a Canadian youth who was captured after the shooting stopped, a defence lawyer said today...

The military commander’s official report the day after the raid originally said the assailant who threw the grenade was killed, which would rule out Khadr as the suspect.

The report was revised months later, under the same date, to say a U.S. fighter had only “engaged” the assailant, according to Kuebler, who said the later version was presented to him by prosecutors as an “updated” document.

Kuebler told reporters after the hearing that it appears “the government manufactured evidence to make it look like Omar was guilty.”

I'd ask the Blogging Tories for their opinion on this, but they're all busy at the moment shrieking incessantly about some sort of "kangaroo court" to concern themselves with an apparent appalling miscarriage of justice.

Or something like that.

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Dana Hunter said...

This is what my country has become: a bunch of buffoons who blatantly fabricate evidence because they're just that certain of a kid's guilt.

And Congress - the purportedly Democratic-controlled Congress - capitulated to these fuckheads. Unfuckingbelievable.