Monday, June 23, 2008

So many questions, so little time to make them up.

Blogging Tory Papa Junker sneaks out of his room at the home while the hall attendant isn't looking and ...

I've often wondered why leftists loath [sic] soldiers.

And I've often wondered why conservatives are butt-fuck stupid cretins. Some things are just a mystery, aren't they?

DEAR STOOPID CONSERVATIVES: Just between you and me, it's getting really, really tiring to hear how liberals hate the troops, when it would be impossible to find an American administration that has treated the military with more dismissive contempt than the current one. Where to even begin:

Shall I go on? No, really, I know how to use Google, I could be here all day.

DOUBLE PLUS GOOD BONUS: And let's be clear about who really supports the troops:

Obama Blasts McCain On Veterans' Benefits
Criticizes GOP Candidate For Opposing College Scholarships For Those Who've Served One Tour

(AP) Barack Obama told veterans Saturday that he can't understand why Republican John McCain opposes legislation that would provide college scholarships to people who have served in the U.S. military.

"Now, let me be clear: No one can dispute John McCain's love for this country or his concern for veterans. But here's what I don't understand. I don't understand why John McCain would side with George Bush and oppose our plan to make college more affordable for our veterans," the Democratic presidential candidate said. "George Bush and John McCain may think our plan is too generous. I could not disagree more."

Dear whingers (NOT WORKPLACE SAFE!!!):


Red Tory said...

Ah, the same old "leftists are traitors" meme coupled with "we love the soldiers more than YOU do" line of crap. Boring.

Mike said...

Do these guys ever have an original thought?

thwap said...

"Do these guys ever have an original thought?"

Yes. When they're having "episodes." Then they come up with such doozies as: "You must worship the troops, unless of course they're supposed to die in order to fulfill a vague, deluded foreign policy mission. In which case, they're inconsequential."

Anonymous said...

In all fairness, there are some "progressive" boards out there that most definatly are not "troop friendly".

I have poked around here long enough to know, that you guys righteously bitch slap our government when needed, and question the motives of what is going on where.

But the feeling I get with all the questioning going on, is there is a genuine concern and care for the troops, that some other places do seriously lack.

So, a qualifier. Some lefties, and some righties do not give a damn about the troops. I know of a few righties out there in the blogsphere that would sacrifice me for a cheaper tank of gas in a heart beat.

M@ said...

I couldn't agree more, AM -- and that's why the politicisation of the Troops is such an idiotic waste of time. The idea that it somehow cuts down ideological lines is ludicrous.

This spoken as a troop-lovin' leftard, of course.

Anonymous said...

Meh, call me a rightard then! Occasionally we do get along.

Cheers m@!

Anonymous said...

Whoops, forgot the smilely!! :D

M@ said...

:) Smilie was clearly implied, AM. Back atcha, you big rightard, you.