Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I wonder …

... how Five Feet of Communal Property’s™ wedding went.

Oh, come on — like you aren’t, too. In a somewhat shamefaced, strangely compelling, can’t-look-away, car crash kind of way, of course.


JJ said...

I got 2 words for him: "pre nup"

Mike said...

I got two more words for him: "Paper bag"

mikmik said...

I got two words for him: "I don't"

Aww, too late.

Ti-Guy said...

I can imagine sheer poetry of the wedding night. Courtesy of Dusty Town (Catherine O'Hara, SCTV):

She offered her honour.
He honoured her offer.
And all night long, he was
on 'er and off 'er!

...isn't that cute? Isn't that true?

KEvron said...

two words: "crying game".


KEvron said...

my favorite spoonerism, ti-guy.