Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The mote in one's eye, and all that.

One of the particularly stupid Blogging Tories, "NB Tory Lady," gets all shrill and shrieky:

The Green Liberal Ship hits a big snag

Oh dear the poor babies....a lawsuit is threatened....oh what will the Liberals do

Cease and desist !!
The Liberal family did not do their homework or they do not care.

Um, yeah ... not doing your homework -- that's gotta be embarrassing. Especially when it actually matters.

I never thought I'd see the day when a member of the BTs made me pine for the relative intellectual sophistication of Dr. Roy.


liberal supporter said...

But there is also a greenshift.com! They seem to have been around since 2005, while greenshift.ca has a copyright from 2001 but still pages under construction. Their news list goes back to 2003.

I suspect greenshift.ca will drum up some business after all this publicity. I would pay to have someone else make up a site that then links me and also has a name people would confuse with mine.

I heard another of the "attack" ads, the fake phone in show where the caller tries to fly the "Stephane Dion wants to invade Pakistan" routine again. Meanwhile NB Tory Lady is going with "eats hot dogs with a knife and fork"?

Looks like they accept the substance though, since all they are doing is moaning about the form and delivery.

liberal supporter said...

But the funniest is NB telling us Steve has no time to debate, he already had plenty of time to debate in the last session, etc.

Who does Steve think he is, Patrick Ross?