Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This is why engaging them is a waste of time.

And this is why they are not to be engaged; rather, they are to be mocked and ridiculed:

If living in canada for 3 years make people canadian, ...

Um, no, Roger -- "living in canada for 3 years" is not what makes Omar Khadr Canadian. Being born in Canada is what makes Omar Khadr Canadian.

What a fucking imbecile.


Cameron Campbell said...

I should have asked you for leave first, but i just made this point, with the proper sourcing of you, over there.


These people make me so mad that I forget to be polite.

Ti-Guy said...

Their hysteria just seems so out-of-proportion to the problem at hand.

What will these people do in a real emergency? I shudder to think. Hundreds of thousands of wingnut hysterics could be a real liability.

I really am surprised at how little faith they have in due process and the rule of law and how fragile they think our civilisation is. They're playing right into the terrorists hands by being so undeniably terrorised.

Cameron Campbell said...

Gynne Dyer goes on about that in War. Basically, beyond the actual act of terror, part of the goal is to make people over react (or react in such a draconian way) that the terrorists can point and say "see, we told you they were fascists".