Friday, June 27, 2008

Those who do not remember history ...

... are condemned to look like total dumbasses:

Turns out, Dion isn't just after Alberta and Saskatchewan's money. He truly cares about the two provinces. No really! Come on, Stephane Dion wouldn't just say one thing and then do another would he?

Of course not, Platty. Because saying one thing and doing another with respect to Saskatchewan would make you a total fucking douchebag, wouldn't it?

CC HQ: 1. Stupid, right-wing blogger: 0.


LuLu said...

Oh please ...

CC HQ: Infinity +1. Stupid, right-wing bloggers: 0. What? That looks about right to me.

Lore_Weaver said...

Err, no one in Saskatchewan *really* cares about equalization. The Conservatives won the by-election for more reasons than just Liberal infighting (although, I profess, that didn't hurt our campaign efforts).

The Green Shift will be felt harshly by Saskatchewan. However, I'll gladly make a little "beer & popcorn" wager.

If Ralph Goodale retains his seat in the next Federal Election, I'll send you $10 in the mail. If he doesn't you send me $10.

That should cover the spoils of war, eh?

Ti-Guy said...

Err, no one in Saskatchewan *really* cares about equalization.

Polled them all, did ya?

Lore_Weaver said...

"Polled them all, did ya?"

Yes. The by-election

If there was a mass hate-on for the equalization decision, Beatty would've been elected.

mikmik said...

ti-guy, in general, it seems to me that Harper fans and blogging tory types are absolutely convinced that the whole rest of the population to the left only need to have one example of certain behaviour or attitude to lazily assertain that everyone on said left displays the same characteristic.
This is to maintain strict economy of time and brain management in order not to actually think things through because all their "exceptionally intelligent" friends not only think these solitary examples leading to vast generalisations are actual logically presented conclusions, they think they are brilliant.

Ti-Guy said...

If there was a mass hate-on for the equalization decision, Beatty would've been elected.

I thought atheists were supposed to assert things only when they have a considerable body of evidence.

Christ, I'm going to have start giving them lessons in skepticism. Me...a devout Catholic!

Lore_Weaver said...

ti-guy, are you so vein to think that in a province with 13 Conservative MPs(12 at the time) that none of them conducted an internal poll?

Yesh, you read a "cynical" blog, yet your incapable of such cynicism yourself.

And yes, we did poll them... and yes, I'm right, and yes, I do use more than one data point to come to that conclusion.

You could just take my word for it next time instead of calling me a retard. Lest I make you look like one yourself.

Lore_Weaver said...

You could also use your brain next time and realize that if the NDP and Liberals aren't jumping on it every single day that their internal polls show the same thing.