Friday, June 20, 2008

Dear lying douchebag Sandy:

Ah, the unintentional hilarity:

Quite right -- because nothing says "concrete accomplishment" like something whose "process has been delayed."

If I were the U of T, I'd be embarrassed by at least one of those doctorates I gave away once.

AFTERSNARK: It is truly amusing to see a list of "concrete accomplishments" that consists of a polar icebreaker that has not yet been procured, eight Arctic patrol ships whose process has been delayed, and an Arctic deep-water port that is still to be constructed.

Mission accomplished, baby. Mission accomplished.


Red Tory said...

LOL. Pretty flimsy stuff, eh?

Sandy's Potemkin Village of Accomplishments.

Ti-Guy said...

Oh, Crocky. Crocky, Crocky, Crocky...

What would be the equivalent of "truthiness" for "accomplishment?"