Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bishops Meddling In Policy

Obnoxious men in gowns are sounding off again. And hey, when it comes to matters of sexual mores, who knows better than the Catholic clergy?

The message from Alberta's six Catholic bishops is straightforward:
"Catholic teaching is that sexuality is a God-given gift that should be reserved for marriage," the bishops wrote.

Unless of course you are a member of the Catholic priesthood and have a predilection for the kiddies, in which case bishops will shuffle your "celibate" ass into a new parish and hush that shit up. But what can one expect from a pack of zombie worshipping lunatics. Time for the fucking bishops to pay their taxes or shut their fat mouths about public policy and health issues. Jeeziz. Don't vaccinate your children against disease or they'll be whoo-ers. Who in their right minds listens to a bunch of creepy old fucks that wear tea cozies on their heads about anything that matters? Somehow these tacky, decorated frauds have conflated HPV vaccine with promiscuity. Better that your daughters risk cancer and bask in ignorance according to the mother church. What a fucking blessing that is.


s said...

Right...obviously you didn't get the memo from cc about how the HPV vaccine is just something that's being forced on the public through the lobbying efforts of big drug companies. It's highly unlikely that this vaccine will prevent cervical cancer.

If you're not Catholic then why should you care what the bishops have to say? Shut your "mouthe" and mind you own fucking business.

s said...


CC said...

Dear s:

I have nothing against a vaccine that would truly prevent HPV. However, my earlier post simply pointed out the rather overwhelming and uncharacteristic concern of the CPoC for the health of young girls, which really only made sense when you followed the (considerable) money.

You have to admit, for a government that hates women, the CPoC was weirdly enthusiastic about a program that was so clearly going to offend a large part of their Bible-whomping, mouth-breathing base. And now you know why.

And, by the way, the Catholic clergy should always shut the fuck up. About any topic. Any time. Anywhere. They have absolutely nothing of any value to tell us about anything. Ever.

Lindsay Stewart said...

hi there s, thanks for dropping by. your concerns have been forwarded to the appropriate department and you'll be hearing from them soon, i'm sure. as for your other, um, issues, yes, i was catholic long enough to experience the sadism of the brides of christ and the violence of their professional teaching staff. given my own experience and the church's long history of institutional child abuse, i will reserve the right to say what ever the fuck i want about those sick bastards.

i am always dubious of big government and their ties to big pharma, but that wasn't what i was addressing. nope. and neither were the bishops.

they're far more interested in the sex part of things than the health part of things. which is pretty unhealthy, coming from a bunch of puffed up fantasists that claim to be celibate. the crooked old church is given special status and privilege in our culture because there's lots of folk that believe their malarky. that privilege comes at the expense of staying the hell out of political and policy discussions. if those crazy bastards want to use their pulpits for purposes other than preaching, pay your fucking taxes. otherwise, as i noted, they should shut the fuck up.

and while i'm at it, hows about a good old fashioned cleansing of the bishops, cardinals, priests, monsignors and what not that have either engaged in, enabled or covered up for their decades of systemic, institutional child abuse. hows about digging out the rotten fuckers that set policy, operated and had authority over the residential schools (and yes i'm looking at you other denominations on that). hows about we introduce sky buddy's minions to some earthly justice for their many and heinous transgressions.

still want to lip off s?

Dr.Dawg said...

"cleansing of the bishops"

I like that phrase. Damned if I've figured out how to use it yet, but I'm gonna. Full attribution, of course.

Father Shaggy said...

I took a look at this earlier this month:


It's no different than the Church's stance on condoms: "Our doctrine is more important than your daughters.

Sorry for the shameless self-promostion. It's relevant, I promise.

Lore_Weaver said...

This whole story smacks of the lack of AIDS education in Africa, which is religious in nature.

s said...

I suppose the logic of "progressive thinking" means that you can condemn entire groups for the actions of a few. I also suppose that the consistency of the church's message regarding sex outside of marriage (despite the hypocritical behaviour of a minority of clerics) offends your relativistic sensibilities. So much so that even when you have a common cause, like the efficacy of the HPV vaccine, you find it necessary to demand that the church shut up.

Well, congratulations. This is the "progressive logic" that is splitting up opposition to the corporatists and letting them succeed.

A couple more points: bishops pay taxes, priests pay taxes and churches pay taxes. Look it up.

And as for having nothing of value to tell us, the church has been around for 2000 years and will be around a lot longer, which wouldn't be possible if it had nothing of value. On the other hand, you guys will be dead and forgotten soon enough. So much for the "value" of what you have to say.