Thursday, June 26, 2008

They seemed like good ideas 30 years ago.

Somewhere, hell looks like this.


Paladiea said...

this one is the best!


Ti-Guy said...

I think this was the first web site I ever came upon for purely entertainment purposes. Hilarious. The commentary is priceless.

Anyway, those pictures represent the era before they realised that food just doesn't photograph well. That's why modern food photography uses spackle, plasticine, epoxy and food colouring to recreate food.

The recipes are pretty lousy, though..but what can you do? People forgot how to cook for a couple of decades.

Red Tory said...

O/T: Macleans has a review of Expelled by Brian Johnson that you might find amusing.

I found this film so distasteful I hestitate to dignify it with even a thumbnail review.

I won’t go into the details of the film’s polemic. But one of its problems is that it has a double agenda. First, as if making a credible case for freedom of thought, it tries to show that “Big Science” is discriminating against academics who believe in intelligent design. And it feigns an even-handed approach. But then it abandons its token balance altogether by trying to show how theories of Darwinian evolution helped engender a litany of evils, including Hitler and the Holocaust. The connections that it draws are specious and it’s argument consists of vile innuendo.

And so on.

My guess is that we won't be seeing any links to it on any of Denyse's multitude of intelligence-free blogs.

Red Tory said...


LuLu said...

How is that possible? Fish don't have balls ...

Dr.Dawg said...

Oh Gawd, do I need to be reminded of jellied salads with little marshmallows in them, or the dreaded Tomato Ass-Pick? Mushroom soup poured over sausages? Scalloped potatoes, with their charming skin? And for dessert some ghastly concoction called Spanish Cream--or [shudder!] rice pudding, or [gag] tapioca, ol' "fish eyes in glue." Or Jello, with its charming skin.

I thought our parents and grandparents went to war to stop this sort of thing. Didn't they? Anyway, we won, and then we got Kraft Theater. No wonder we went nuts in the 'sixties.

Red Tory said...

Now, if we could only find some of those awful Kraft commercials that I'm sure we all remember from our childhood... Who knew you could make so many things with Velvetta and marshmallows. SCTV used to have some great parodies of those.

Frank Frink said...

It's meat! And it's Caucasian!

And it probably tastes just like chicken.

RT? Ask and ye shall receive. Sadly, no SCTV.