Friday, June 27, 2008

Dear Deynse:

This just isn't going to be your month, is it? Not surprisingly, PZ is on the case. With a little help.

BONUS TRACK: When even the National Post kicks you to the curb, you have some real issues.

. In fact, the National Post has been on this issue for a few days now, with one John Moore slapping around that despicable film. At which point ... what ho!

The science of evolution

National Post Published: Tuesday, June 24, 2008

John Moore attempts to discredit the movie Expelled by raising the idea of conspiracy theories. But he fails to report that renowned scientists and academics fail to intelligently answer Ben Stein's questions about origin. Darwinist explanations can't be proved or tested and are often not even intelligent -- why are they considered science?

Expelled could accurately have been called Exposed.

Brian Rushfeldt, Calgary.

Rushfeldt ... Rushfeldt ... oh ... this Brian Rushfeldt? And if it is, is there a reason we weren't informed of that? It's called "disclosure," and it's the difference between thinking Brian is just another concerned citizen, and realizing he's an ignorant, demented, Bible-pounding, anti-science fuckwit with an agenda.

It's those details that really make a story, you know.

ATTENTION, PHARYNGULOIDS: For National Post, think Washington Times. Or Fox News. Suddenly, it's more amusing, isn't it?


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CanadaHolly said...

Ah, the National Post. They elbowed their way into the national discourse with tactics like making exclusive deals with hotels to provide newspapers for free, so long as other papers were not available at the desk. Like the real paper of record, the Globe and Mail, or the bigger daily papers of whatever town. Sometimes throwing money at things really DOES work.

Sadly or maybe not, some of the writing is very good. But the habitual self-hatred of Canada (usually for not being the USA) showing up in the ostensibly "news" parts of the paper, turned me off from the beginning. Most Canadians think it's a very good thing that we are not more like the USA.

La Cake