Tuesday, June 24, 2008

No problem, I enjoy doing your research for you.

Over at Blogging Tory "Atheist Conservative," everyone's getting bent out of shape over the proposed HPV vaccination program. Curiously, no one sees fit to mention this.

No, no, don't thank me ... educating you folks is what I live for.


Lore_Weaver said...

That's all good and fine CC, but does it mean that it will not protect people? Or that it's unethical?

It's a vaccine shown to prevent a cancer causing infection that's a common STD.

Or do you think the Bishops are right on this one and Abstinence is a better thing to practice?

Anonymous said...

I'd start questioning the science and the motives for this one.
It's all great to give a reach around to your buddies but this is basically giving money to your friends and lobby-friends.
Aren't clownservatives all about sound fiscal and monetary policies? Or is 300 000 000$ just a helping hand a dubious program?

Why aren't the righties all over this egregious waste and ethically stupid subject?

Lore_Weaver said...

It will save lives. Shouldn't that fact come before who made it?

$300 mill is a drop in the bucket anyway. If you save the lives of 30,000 kids, isn't it kind of worth 300 mill?

I'll note that PSA wrote basically the same post I did on my blog here;


Much more colourful than me though! But that's what I come here for! *hugglebunny hugs*

Anonymous said...

Lore, I'd be more concerned about the ties between Pharma and this program.

Love the Meme about kids - really that last refuge of a coward that has no valid argument...
"Let's put CCD cameras everywhere - it will save the lives of children...." same fucking argument..