Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Oh, noez! Libruls r terrorists!!! 11!11!!!!1!

Blogging Tory "Hunter" is outraged that the Liberals were molly-coddling murderous terrorists in the foreign affairs department:

Who Is The Bigger Security Risk?

Funny how the Liberals have been railing against Bernier and calling Couillard a security risk, but nothing is said about Khawaja, now on trial as a suspected terrorist!

Did you know he was on contract with the foreign affairs department in 2004 when he was arrested? I sure didn't!

So Khawaja was a bad man! And the Liberals helped! They did!

Further to Khawaja, he used the Liberal government to help plot mass murder.

And how exactly did that work, you ask?

OTTAWA - Momin Khawaja secretly used his Department of Foreign Affairs e-mail account to plot the mass murder of hundreds of Britons in the name of radical Islam, court heard on the opening day of the Ottawa man's landmark terror trial.

Um ... yeah. See, Hunter, it's that word "secretly" that kind of blows a hole in your thesis, if you catch my drift. "Secretly," as in, no one in government being aware of it at the time. That's why they call it a "secret."

Oh, fuck, why do I bother?


Red Tory said...

God that woman is stupid.

Ti-Guy said...

Stephen Taylor loves his cretins; they engage in all the grotesque defamation to feed the screeching points to the rank-and-file and he and his precious Party escape liablity.

I detest Conservatives.

mikmik said...

That cartoon is perfect!