Monday, June 30, 2008

And in other vacuous news ...

NEWSFLASH! Canadian PM Captain Charisma wins shiny trinket from special interest group. Canada's wankers are totally pissed by lack of news coverage as mainstream media recognizes the ceremony for the content-free, back-slapping, politically opportunistic and utterly meaningless photo op that it is and gives the story a pass.

Lack of film at 11.

FUCKING "LIBERAL" MEDIA: As Blogging Tory and sycophantic Harper propagandist Sandy Crux points out, even the right-wing birdcage liner National Post didn't think much of Steve's new bauble.

So what does that tell you, Sandy? No, really -- when even the Harper-worshipping Post can't manage a woody over a meaningless award like that, isn't that some kind of clue? Think about it; it'll come to you.

Or maybe not.

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