Thursday, June 26, 2008

So Long Sandy

Prime Minister Big Steve's work mommy has resigned from her position as the great stonewall of the Queensway. As Director of There-Will-Be-No-Communications, she herded the Conservative kittens and kept them from losing their mittens in front of the bad, bad people that we call the press. Sandra was the architect of the micro-managing, message massaging of megalomuffin Steve. She was the one that would beat petty bureaucrats into submission for straying from message or failing to adhere to the North Star principles as set forth by Canada's New Government. I'll miss the cartoons from over at Creekside1.

On a more serious note, regardless of political differences, I'm hoping that Ms Buckler is leaving to devote her time to other pursuits and not as a result of health issues arising from her recent bout with thyroid cancer. Meanwhile the next few days of unsupervised recess at the Parliament Hill Public School should be good for some snickers. Without Buckler's iron fist in Stevie's tinfoil glove, lawd knows what those lackwits might say out loud.

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