Saturday, June 21, 2008

Yeah, what he said.

Courtesy of Mike, we have what is destined to become a regular feature here at CC HQ (not really workplace safe):

Pithy, yet succinct. Works for me. Admittedly, it's not "dramatic chipmunk" but, then again, what is?


Ti-Guy said...

From Mike's post about sex-reassignment surgery:

The expected annual cost is less than $300 000. When the Mike Harris Tories removed this from OHIP in 1998, it was costing about $120 000. That works out to roughly $40 per person per year for every person in Ontario. Or about 77 cents per week, less than a small double-double.

How did he arrive at 40$ per Ontarian per year? It's more like 3 cents per year. (300 000$ / 13 000 000 Ontarians).

¢rÄbG®äŠŠ said...

The problem is that if OHIP covers it, everyone is going to want to do it.

Mike said...


The census data I used was from wikipedia (not quite 13 000000) and some amounts quoted in one of the stories I linked to.

And yeah, I may have got the numbers a bit off.

Point taken.

Of course that makes Poilievre look like even more of a dick.

Ti-Guy said...

It was just a minor quibble. I would have asked over at your site, but the post was kind of old.

The financial issues were always a red herring and the medical necessity arguments were also bankrupt. How much do we pay treating people's health conditions that are a result of lifestyle choices, such as obesity and alcoholism?

Poilièvre is an arsehole and needs to be...well, unelected.