Monday, June 23, 2008

And solitary? Sure, that works for me.

Members of Canada's Right have some ideas on how to handle that pesky crime rate:

... if we can not rehabilitate, then should we not at least punish?

should not the thought of 10 years at labor with no:
- phone/internet/tv,
- voting privileges,
- good food (not rotten food, but really boring/bland & cheap),
- visitors,
- drugs/smokes/drinks/porn
- free education
be considered a good thing as a deterrent?

And why not? Because if you want to produce useful, productive members of society, what better way than to remove them from society completely, totally and utterly for several years, let them associate with no one but other convicts, then see how well they cope when they're thrown back into the general public? What could possibly go wrong?

The Blogging Tories: Canada's home for people who think beating mentally-handicapped people to death is just a hoot.™

P.S. No, seriously, that's my new tag line. Feel free to use it. Over and over. Again and again. Repeatedly. Since it's clear we can no longer engage these people, let's just make it clear that they get a kick out of murdering the helpless.

And millions of dead Jews. That's a real knee-slapper, too. I'm just sayin'.


Red Tory said...

Neo wants to deny them visitation rights? What a moronic cretin.

thwap said...

Canada doesn't need any lessons about law and order from the violent US of A. Their incarceration rates are through the roof. Any Canadian who endorse US-American policing or prison standards is either deluded or a sadist.

When imbeciles like "neo" type their dreck, they just reveal their total "shit-for-brains" mentality.