Sunday, June 29, 2008

Your daily Denyseitude.

There are some things that really get Canadian IDiot Denyse O'Leary's hackles up, like:

I don;t know what to think, but this comes to mind. If PZ can trash The Spiritual Brain: A neuroscientist's case for the existence of the soul without reading it, surely, he can trash a film without seeing it.

Yeah ... allegedly publicly passing judgment on a book without even having the common courtesy to read the whole thing first. What a tool.

Oh, wait:

Two nights ago, I finally saw the Expelled film.

I had become almost proprietorial about the widely denounced #5 political documentary...

If I need to explain the hypocrisy here, you are way too stupid to be reading this blog.

BONUS TRACK: Regarding Denyse's claim that PZ panned her book "without reading it," PZ's actual review is here. Readers can judge for themselves Denyse's honesty and accuracy. Or hideous lack thereof.

OH, IT GETS BETTER. As far back as March, Denyse was clearly lying:

That said, PZ doesn’t really have a problem just because he wasn’t let into the film. You see, it doesn’t MATTER whether he sees the film or not.

He trashed Mario Beauregard’s and my book, The Spiritual Brain WITHOUT reading it. He wrote,

I tried. I really, honestly, sincerely tried. I’ve been struggling with this book, The Spiritual Brain: A neuroscientist’s case for the existence of the soul, by Mario Beauregard and Denyse O’Leary, for the past week and a half, and I’ve finally decided it’s not worth the effort. It’s just about completely unreadable.

He trashed our book without reading it. So presumably he can trash a film without seeing it, can’t he?

So let's think about this, shall we? Even though PZ makes it clear that he is "struggling" with the book for the past week and a half, worthless douchebag Denyse O'Leary accuses him -- not once, but twice -- of not reading the book!

And yet, if we go read PZ's review that Denyse linked to, we can examine PZ's very next paragraph:

The writing is aggravating. It is constantly broken up with strings of quotes — 3, 4, 5, or 6 at a time — that are just plopped out there to speak for themselves, and often the authors don't even bother to address the points brought up in the quotes. It's like, presto, John Eccles said it! Or Steven Weinberg said it! Or some random guy on the internet said it! It begins to wear on the reader, and you start to assume you can just skip over the stupid quotes, and then they refer to something in one that you need to know to understand what the heck they're talking about. You just can't trust that it's only filler, even though it is 95% of the time.

in which PZ makes it abundantly clear that he is reading it closely enough to realize it's utter crap.

So Denyse knows this, and she is simply lying. Shocked. Shocked, I am. Well, no, not really, It's just Denyse being Denyse. Again.


PZ Myers said...

What she overlooks is the fact that in my review, I said I did read it -- I got about halfway through before giving up in disgust and skimming the rest.

Interesting tactic. Write so poorly that your book is unreadable, then reject all the negative reviews because the reviewers were able to detect how bad it is within a few pages and don't give every precious word the seconds of their life that you demand.

Ti-Guy said...

I was just about to make that comment, as I remembered PZ's post on it. I don't doubt he spent over a week struggling with it.

With this lot, the problems begin with the fact that they simply cannot write.

mikmik said...

And that is after the publisher edited it?!

How many delusional morons are involved in publishing this sort of crap... oh, I know! It takes a team effort to reach those depths of illiteracy AND sheer idiocy at the same time.

Mike said...

Hey, telling a lie is as common as breathing for these people.

But remember, you have to believe in god to be moral...

Ti-Guy said...

...and treat the 9th commandment as merely a suggestion.

M@ said...

With this lot, the problems begin with the fact that they simply cannot write.

Unfortunately that's merely a symptom. The problems actually begin with the fact that they cannot think. The horrible writing follows naturally from there.