Saturday, June 28, 2008

When we use the word "consequences," we don't actually mean for us.

Those who never have to deal with reality are just the ones to keep telling you how it should work.

P.S. Yuval Levin ... Levin ... Levin ... oh, right. Movin' on, then ...


M@ said...

I think I would be very satisfied if Megan McArdle and Ramesh Ponnuru were the leading writers of the future for the American right wing.

I mean that purely from the point of view of a reader of Sadly, No!, of course. From the point of view of writing and thinking quality, the bar's actually going go lower than the Mark Steyn and Jonah Goldberg level. Better start digging.

Romantic Heretic said...

That's been my observation.

The most interesting of which is 'Get used to changing careers every ten years or so. You'll have to take another four years to get a new degree and start all over at the bottom.'

This is always always said by those who in ten years will still be 'libertarian economists', wankers in a 'think tank' or babbling on a blog.

Very silly but not the least bit surprising.