Friday, June 20, 2008

And the great debate is on ...

... here, although AC seems to have misunderstood the fundamental precept here.

It isn't "AC vs CC"." Rather, it's to see who is capable of arguing in a reasonable, civil and -- more importantly -- logical and intellectually rigorous way. I may or may not participate; it was never about me. It was about seeing whether Canada's perpetually snivelly and whiny wankers can, if given the chance, actually engage in a discussion intellectually.

It's not even relevant as to whether one side wins or not -- it's the presentation. So head over there and make your case. Make it carefully, and make it meticulously and, above all, make it using actual facts.

Think you can do that? Of course you can.


Dr.Dawg said...

He fixed the title.

KEvron said...

"It's not even relevant as to whether one side wins or not -- it's the presentation."

"would you like lemon or milk with your 'fuck you'?"

KEvron, hopeless

mikmik said...

First comment says something like 'With respect to the premise above, I don’t think location of present confinement should be our overriding concern.'

So much for understanding the topic...

Ti-Guy said...

I think AC's intentions are noble, so I'm not going to fault him/her.

But we've been through this before and the same thing showed up on that thread: a hideous remark by "Gerry;" no matter how it's handled, it's something I would rather not be exposed to.

Under those cirumstances, dialogue is not possible. It's the equivalent of some angry drunk interrupting your conservation in a restaurant. You don't engage it. You have it removed from your presence by the management.

And if the management won't do that, you don't frequent the place ever again.

David Webb said...

"You have it removed from your presence by the management."

Oh. So that was you. Completely understandable.