Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's funny until a wheelchair-bound paraplegic gets his neck broken ...

... then it's hilarious. Oh, that would be this Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

And a big shout-out to Blogging Tory co-founder Stephen Taylor -- you've now made it acceptable for a Blogging Tory to publicly idolize a man who has beaten mentally-handicapped people in his custody to death.

You must be so proud.


Dr.Dawg said...

The one thing about cretins like the Macadamia Nut is that they don't have the guile or sophistication to conceal their motives. Right politics is sado-politics, in the main, and this is an example that I intend to use in the future.

Thanks for this--I can't bear to descend so deeply into the swamp, but I guess someone has to do it.

CanadaHolly said...

Jailers Show a Paraplegic Who's Boss

Richard Post was taken to jail in his wheelchair for mouthing off in a bar. Joe Arpaio's detention officers saw him as such a threat, they strapped him into a medieval restraint chair--and broke his neck.

By Tony Ortega
Published on January 23, 1997

Christ almighty, this happened ten years ago and this bastard is still in charge of the jail? Go read the article, it actually resembles Abu Ghraib. All the torture, with none of the flimsy rationalization.

Americans -- absolutely shamefully crazy.

Anonymous said...

Americans -- absolutely shamefully crazy.
Sadly that disease has taken hold in Canada in the form of Harper and his followers (such as Papa Junker and all)...

Beijing York said...

Macadamia is not only a nut but he's stale. That post is a direct rip off of an email praising Sheriff Joe Arpaio that circulated a couple of years ago. The tag line was something to the effect of, if only we had men like Arpaio in charge of our Canadian prisons. I let the sender know that the email was extremely offensive, Arpaio was a worse criminal than the men he brutalizes daily, and that the email was part of a right wing "tough on crime" viral marketing campaign.

KEvron said...

"All the torture, with none of the flimsy rationalization."

what's so bad about that?

KEvron, usa

CanadaHolly said...

I said: "All the torture, with none of the flimsy rationalization."

and then KEvron, usa said: "what's so bad about that?"

If you read the article you will find that most of the people under his tender care are in jail awaiting trial -- i.e. innocent under your law. You want law and order? Then pay some respect to the damned law.

From the article: In Madison Street Jail, where seven of the 19 jail deaths on Arpaio's watch have occurred, almost all inmates await trial. (Most of the others occurred at the Maricopa County Medical Center, where sick and injured inmates are held.)

Some, whose only crime is not having the cash for bail, are subjected to Arpaio's notions of punishment for what may be months before their day in court.

That was in 1997. 19 deaths. What part of "Black Hole of Calcutta" do you not understand?

But even if his jail held convicts instead of pre-trial American citizens, this might constitute contempt of court by Arpaio. The people were sentenced to "a few months or years in jail", they were not sentenced to "any damn horrible shit the guards or sheriff might think up, up to and including death".

Ti-Guy said...

Kevron's just being nihilo-sardonic/patriotic.

Dr.Dawg said...

I've been spending an unhappy few hours reading up on this brute. I knew of him and his Tent City, but had been unaware that his deputies and guards were killing people. Not to mention burning a puppy alive and laughing at the distraught owners.

I'd better stop here, or I'll give Macadamia Nut an orgasm.

The powerful subtext, as it turns out, is immigration. Needless to say, Smokin' Joe has been doing "sweeps" and scooping up anyone with a brown skin, including a lot of pretty pissed off American citizens.

So much, I can't help pointing out, for America's vaunted "checks and balances." This present day SS goon has been carrying on like this for years. Scores of articles in the press have taken him apart, ans hundreds of complaints have been made.

But they can't touch this guy. He could be doing experiments without anaesthetic on identical twins, and he'd still be considered a hero by the American Right. Google this guy, but have a stiff drink first.

Joe said...

The cherry on the top of this appalling travesty cake is that Arpaio's tactics aren't working and these sociopaths continue to defend him.

mikmik said...

Give 'em any opportunity to incite violence on a helpless, incapacitated 'hostage' (prey, in their language) and their true colors shine.
Any chance to show unadultered cruely...
Oh, and then picture a monkey house with all the chimps getting excited and hysterical and screaming, jumping up and down and rattling their cages. That is meso-moron and the blogging neo-cons.