Saturday, June 21, 2008

Reality? Not interested, thanks.

We catch Blogging Tory "DBT" in between his medications when he's snuck into the commons room and snatched the keyboard away from Mr. Perkins:

Isn’t this refreshing?

“Prime Minister Stephen Harper is warning Canadians that the newly released Liberal carbon tax plan will “screw everybody across the country.”

Finally a Prime Minister of Canada that doesn’t pull punches, doesn’t try and be all things to all people, and most of all, tells the truth.

Yes, DBT ... a PM who tells the truth, that's very exciting. And when we finally get one, we'll call the home and let you know. Now let's get you back into bed and ready for dinner. It's meat loaf tonight.

1 comment:

Red Tory said...

I'm sure DBT arrived at that conclusion after much thoughtful consideration of all the facts, including a thorough investigation into the economic implications of carbon taxation and a comparative study of its effects based on the experience of other countries in addition to.... Why are you laughing?