Saturday, March 29, 2008

So, Kate ... how's that "handover" going? Uh oh ...

Among a number of other similarly-optimistic bits of utter fluff from last year, here we have Canada's Bestest Blogger™ Kate "Dead Jews are Teh Funny" McMillan being all chirpy and good-natured about the progress over there:

May 22, 2007

"One by one, the 18 provinces of Iraq are being turned over to the Iraqis"

Yes, yes, yes ... as they stand up, we'll stand down ... etc etc etc, yadda yadda yadda. So, Kate, how's that Iraqi independence and self-sufficiency working out these days? Well, shit (emphasis added):

U.S. Airstrikes Aid Iraqi Army in Basra

BAGHDAD — The American military conducted airstrikes Thursday and Friday to back up stalled Iraqi forces in Basra and battle Shiite militias in Baghdad as continued violence and political infighting worsened the prospects for any timely reconciliation among Iraq’s warring factions.

Although American officials have emphasized that the campaign in the southern port city of Basra is directed by Iraqi forces, the Iraqis have failed so far to wrest control of neighborhoods in Basra from Shiite militias and asked the Americans and British to step in. The Iraqi military does not have jet fighters.

So, to sum up, the U.S. forces are only there in an advisory capacity, if by "advisory capacity" you mean supplying advice one air-to-ground missile at a time. Now that's advice.

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M@ said...

"One by one, the 18 provinces of Iraq are being turned over to the Iraqis"

The warmongers don't even bother moving the goalposts any more. They just pull new ones out of their asses whenever it's convenient for them.