Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Your daily Denyseitude.

If there's more Denyse, there's more pompous, uneducated dumbassitude. Behold:

At Overwhelming Evidence, today, I reflect on the comments of Matthew Nisbet at the Framing Science blog.

His comments are a more interesting - and far more significant - illustration of what is wrong with science today than the uproar over Myers's ejection from the Expelled screening.

No, Denyse ... they're not. Please shut up.

: At that same post, Denyse writes:

Note: I have myself attempted to resolve Myers's expulsion problem by paying for his ticket, if he will agree to watch the whole film, and not run out to trash it halfway through or something similar.

In the first place, Denyse, PZ struggled valiantly to read that crapfest of a book of yours but finally gave up because it was, well, crap. He was perfectly up-front about his not finishing it, so you really have no ground for this ceaseless whining. So shut the fuck up.

But on the more important issue, Denyse, how exactly do you propose to "resolve" PZ's expulsion issue, given that it's already occurred and the damage has been irreversibly done to your creationist colleagues? How would that resolution work, Denyse? Would you put on a cape and fly around the earth very fast to turn back the clock to before that embarrassing debacle? Because unless you can, ain't nothing going to "resolve" the clusterfuck that you and your whackjob echo chamber are now in up to your eyeballs. And sure as hell, coughing up a few bucks is not going to stop the world from laughing at you cretins.

I'm just sayin'.

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pogge said...

In case you haven't seen it, tristero responds to Nisbet at Hullabaloo.