Saturday, March 22, 2008

When I said "support," I didn't mean, you know, personally.

Five Feet of Bowel Obstruction™ Kathy Shaidle thinks it's a total hoot when people won't put their money where their, you know, mouth is:

I also liked the black guy who won't donate ten bucks to Obama but "talks to a lot of people" about him because "that's more valuable." Those of you over the age of 25 have already translated that as "I am a loser."

This will be the one time where Kathy and I see eye-to-eye:

I'm guessing Kathy's never even met Jason Mattera, but she sure has his number, doesn't she?

: Because you can never get enough of the urine-soaked cowardice, can you?


Ti-Guy said...

She really should shut the fuck up about this until she's paid back every cent of education, arts and publication grants she's benefited from in her life, not to mention the outright dole she's been on.

That is of course, unless she wants to argue directly that wealth redistribution and economic socialism (particularly, single-payer health care) don't lead to anything good...she being a glaring case in point.

Red Tory said...

I guess if she wasn’t such a coward as to not allow comments on her site, we could ask her where her political contributions have been going… Or maybe she doesn’t give to campaigns because she’s a “journalist” and all. Oh, and that she’s on welfare. And a hypocrite.

Unknown said...

Five Feet of Bowel Obstruction. HAHAHAHA! Beautiful. :)

Somena Woman said...

Robert McLleland made a post a couple of years ago (when Kathy was employed) that pointed out that almost every right whinger who was propagandizing for Harper and the Cons, had not contributed any MONEY to the conservative party in any fashion.

There was some search engine thingy that allowed you to search for contributions made to political parties by name.

Kathy was one of the people who didn't bother to send money to the party.