Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ezra, Ezra, Ezra …

Going after a blind man? Seriously? That’s a bit much, even for a narcissistic, hypocritical, professional victim with delusions of adequacy — like you, for example. One can hardly imagine how you could possibly top this shining example of your complete and utter lack of simple human compassion. Maybe you can write an entire post mocking the mentally disabled? Or the benefits of kicking puppies? Christ, the Right makes me sick.

Now go read the good Dr. Dawg line up Ezra’s ‘nads and soundly kick them about the blogosphere with not a swear word to be found.

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liberal supporter said...

there are some jobs where vision is necessary. Being a pilot is one of them;
Yes, but why is that? It is because autopilots can fail, people's physical lives are at risk, and you need to react to changing situations in real time.

being an investigator is another.
No, because there is no split second reaction to conditions required. Instead there is a methodical digesting of information and synthesis of understanding required. I suspect a blind person would be better at digesting information and understanding it, once the information gets into their head.

Why does Ezra want the playing field tilted in his favour? Did he not appear on his own behalf at the HRC? But he wears GLASSES! He could never be a military pilot with such inferior eyes? So why does he demand that his opponents meet such standards, while thinking it should not apply to himself?

It's so ridiculous, it wouldn't even fly in a fictional TV show
One word: Longstreet