Sunday, March 30, 2008

... then there's "Don't Slam Your Head In The Oven Door" Day.

In honour of the various Canadian wingnuts and whackjobs who decided, for one reason or another, to negate any possible benefit of "Earth Hour" by simply being contrarian out of pure, childish spite, we here at CC HQ would like to designate May 1, 8-9 p.m. as "Don't Run Your Genitals Over a Cheese Grater" Hour.

You're responsible for getting your own cheese grater.


M@ said...

You're responsible for getting your own cheese grater.

If any BTs need a cheese grater to show their superiority to, and scorn for, this fantastic event, I will gladly supply one.

LuLu said...

Me too! Hell, I'll gladly buy a truck full of them.

E in MD said...

This illustrates the problem with the right wing lunatic bully crowd. They don't really give a shit about energy, until they're paying too much for it. They don't care about the air, until they can't breath or are dying from lung cancer. They don't care about kids until some priest or Republican congressman rapes their child. All they care about is how much they can for everyone else's lives to suck so they can feel better about how miserable their own lives are.

Personally I think it stems from the fact that there really only two types of conservatives. Billionaires and suckers. The billionaires are the ones making bank off of the suffering that the suckers allow them to cause. On some level the wingnuts know this and because they're not getting a piece of the pie they need to bring everyone else down into the shithole in some pathetic attempt to justify their own useless existences.

This is precisely the case here. Someone has the good idea of conserving some power, or recycling some cans, or putting up some windmills, or trying to stop teen smoking. The wingnuts get their whiny little pussy panties in a knot because they can't deal with someone trying to make the world slightly better because they know that only miserable people flock to them and because nobody's allowed to do anything without their holy approval. So they act like petulant children and try to do the exact opposite. They're like France, being recalcitrant for no other reason than to be recalcitrant and hold themselves to somehow be morally superior.

The wing nuts need to fucking grow up and join the rest of humanity or they need to step aside and form their own country where they can destroy each other without bothering the rest of us.

Rev.Paperboy said...

I know its short notice and you've already issued Teh Challenge for that day, but couldn't April 1st be "World Don't-Pour-Hot-Sauce-in-Your-Eyes Day"?

kootcoot said...

"You're responsible for getting your own cheese grater."

Also, please either clean OR dispose of the cheese grater after using, btw, thanks for protesting "Don't Run Your Nads Over a Cheese Grater Hour" and the planet thanks you too!

When will sanity prevail and the Harper PseudoCons and RePugs to the south be officially declared to be Criminal Oganizations?

Ti-Guy said...

Righties don't have genitals. They're all like Ken and Barbie "down there."

kootcoot said...

To ti-guy

"Excellent!" he said, rubbing his hands together ala Montgomery Burns!

Sheena said...

Next Year will be even Better!

Frank Frink said...

You're responsible for getting your own cheese grater.

You understand this means a dip in cheese grater sales.

"What's with these lefties expecting us to buy our own cheese graters? If we don't buy any cheese graters that will show them lefties".

And then KKKate will post a graph (and a thermometer), Patrick Ross will issue a Leftard Cheese-grater Challenge, Frank over at Mesopotomia West will tell us how cheese-graters became a problem after Trudeau forced us to be multicultural, Mike Brock will post on the Islamification of cheese-related appliances, and Five Feet of Mark Steyn Mancrush will ask her many readers to all chip in and buy her a cheese-grater.

Anyone want to take on the TradMed response?